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We are engaged in photographing weddings, pre-wedding photography, pregnant women, children and families. The portfolio also has a portrait, nude and glamor . Also, we can shoot the calendar for you, which certainly make your loved ones happy.

When shooting we use both technology- film and digital. It depends on the topic, environment and purpose of the photos.

The technology we use are professional and fully meet the needs of producing quality images and enable quality results even in difficult lighting conditions.


We shoot your wedding, private events ( eg, pregnancy, parents with children, baptisms , anniversaries ... ) or social events ( eg, balls, banquets, seminars, parties ... ).

During filming we use two cameras and additional equipment such as steadycam, slider, camera cranes etc., which allow you to see the scene from different angles.


We scan your film footage from the film camera medium format (9 x 6 cm) for professional multi-format film scanner for print and exhibition purposes.

Printing photos

Photo printing is performed on a professionally calibrated inkjet printer up to A2 + . Creating a profile tailored for different types of paper ( the ability to print on canvas). Print not only full color but also in black and white. Top quality and stability of both color and monochrome printing.

Sell photos

If you like some of the photographs and you want them to diversify your apartment, house or office, contact me and we can make a deal. Size and format processing by appointment.